Stacy Koviak-Davison's newest musical project: indie-folk duo, Static of a Stranger.


Visit the band's website for the most recent news, showdates, and happenings. 

"Static of a Stranger's musical repertoire spans from Koviak's acoustic singer-songwriter roots all the way to layered atmospheric and ethereal anthemic offerings."

Stacy Koviak-Davison is the lead singer and frontwoman of the indie-alt rock band, Treading Bleu.


Visit the band's website for the most recent news, showdates, and happenings. 

"Stacy picked up the guitar at eleven and began composing songs shortly after. A true introvert at heart, this artist's intimate songwriting leaves you feeling connected to every song she sings. Her musical style varies as much as the list of comparisons. The songs she writes are captivating and powerful - driven by potent, introspective lyrics, Koviak's emotive and versatile voice, and her equally dynamic guitar playing style. This seasoned singer-songwriter deftly
weaves self-profound tales of love, loss, hope, and emotional struggle into tangible music that bends borders and genres, while being intuitive and honest - appealing to a wide audience of ages and musical tastes."



In 2017, Stacy re-connected with a familiar musical soul to record new material in a long distance side-project.

The Homesick is an intoxicating musical collaboration between Dave Patterson and Stacy Koviak-Davison. These two multi- instrumentalists & former band mates have reunited after a decade to write together as The Homesick. 


Lying Violet // Treading Bleu @ Louie's

Be Still Bright Eyes // Treading Bleu @ Old Dog Tavern



Little Silence // Treading Bleu @ Bell's Back Room

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