Strength that Dances with Vulnerability. Shimmers of Hope. Static of Pain. Tangles of Human Emotion. Dreams that Float and Realities that Sting. Feelings that Hover just on the Fray. Contemplation and Transformation. Truth. Sadness. Love. Tenacity. Timelessness.

Tidal Wave - Static of a Stranger
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43 - Static of a Stranger
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Anything at All - Static of a Stranger
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Until The End - Static of a Stranger
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Other Side of the Sky - Static of a Stranger
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Nothing New Here - Static of a Stranger
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Static of a Stranger is an indie-folk/dream-pop duo based out of Kalamazoo. 

Stacy Koviak and Chris Miroslaw are no strangers to the Kalamazoo music scene. They’ve been creating music together for over a decade in various bands (Treading Bleu / Dooley Noted) and individually for another decade prior. Embarking on an entirely new musical endeavour, Static of a Stranger's musical repertoire spans from Koviak's acoustic singer-songwriter roots all the way to layered atmospheric and ethereal anthemic offerings. With potent, introspective lyrics, Koviak's emotive and versatile voice, along with her dynamic guitar playing, combined with Miroslaw's stylish and creative guitar work, and the duo's flexible multi-instrumentalism, they deftly weaves profound tales of love, loss, hope, and emotional struggle into tangible music that bends borders and genres.

Past Shows / 2019


Midwest Fest 2019

Decatur, MI

18 May

Tantrick Brewing Co.

30 Mar

Grand Traverse Distillery 

Allegan, MI

Kalamazoo, MI

8 Mar

1 Mar

15 Feb

Final Gravity

Riviera Theatre

Old Dog Tavern

Kalamazoo, MI

Three Rivers, MI

Kalamazoo, MI


Webster's - Songs & Stories (Stacy Solo)

Kalamazoo, MI

26 Jan

Grand Traverse Distillery 

Kalamazoo, MI

Past Shows / 2018

31 Dec

Water Street Coffee NYE Show (Stacy Solo)

Portage, MI

15 Nov

Water Street Coffee 

Portage, MI

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Electric Guitar / Bass / Keys



Vocals / Acoustic Guitar / Electric Guitar

Bass / Ukulele / Synth / Percussion

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